Retirement Notice

Richard G. Wastlick has retired from the Town of Dayton Board.
Richard has been involved with our township for 32 years and 27 years as Town Chairman.
Thank you Richard for your many years of service in our Township. Local government cannot take place without dedicated individuals like yourself.
We appreciate all that you have done.

Town of Dayton Board


Village of Boaz & Town of Dayton Spring Clean-up
May 1, 2021 At Boaz Park
7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Annual Meeting
April 20, 2021


Bid Specifications Town of Dayton


The Town of Dayton is accepting bids for the following needs for 2021.

Notice Is Hereby Given that the Town of Dayton will accept bids for Seal Coating town roads and/or crushed aggregate until midnight April 19th. Bids will be opened at the special meeting in the town hall on April 20, 2021 following the annual meeting. The Town of Dayton reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, or to accept the bid most advantageous to the Town.
Note: Bids for Crushed Aggregate:
  • ____ Must include a copy of your proof of insurance document
  • ____ Include price per yard
  • ____ Include price per Ton
  • ____ Include price per yd. and per ton for seal coat chips
  • ____ Price for hauling and spreading of aggregate.

Specifications Bids for Seal Coating
Contractor to furnish PG-58-28 5% Cutback Liquid Asphalt furnished and mixer blended and heated to 340/350 degrees at State of WI. AASHTO certified liquid asphalt production facility. Contractor to haul, place, and roll cover aggregate, which will be provided by the Town. Contractor must provide all machinery, labor, and other necessary incidentals to properly clean, seal coat, and roll cover aggregate with (2) pneumatic-rubber tire roller. Gravel roads must be watered and compacted before sealing.
  • ____ Contracts must include a one-year written warranty.
  • ____ Must include a copy of your proof of insurance document
  • ____ Price per mile 20 ft. wide, single coating of hard surface roads
  • ____ Price per mile 20 ft. wide, double seal coating of gravel surface roads
  • ­­____ Contract calls for the Sealcoat to be applied by the 1st Friday of September.

Bids should be sent to Richard Wastlick at 18024 Lingel Ln. Richard Center, WI 53581

Note: these bids will require a Class 2 notice and bill to the Town of Dayton

Thank you;
Richard Wastlick
Rev. 3/09/2021

Download "Bid Specifications Town of Dayton.doc"