2023 Elections

Primary Spring Election
February 21, 2023

General Spring Election
April 4, 2023

Public Voting Equipment Test
Sunday, February 19 8:00 am Dayton Town Hall

Registering and Absentee Voting


Register to Vote

WI my vote.gov will not allow registering to vote online after Tuesday  September 15, 2020.

Below are two forms.
One is a fillable form to email to your Clerk.
One is for printing and mailing to clerk or in person registering.

Absentee Voting

Below are two forms that can be used to request an absentee ballot.
One is a fillable form which if filled out online, you can email.
The other one is to print and use the postal service or in clerks office option. 

My Vote

Log on to:

  • Register to Vote
  • Request Absentee ballot

Please call or email myself if you need assistance with this process.

Thank you,

Jessica Laeseke



How to find out if you should vote in Dayton Township.

Go to: https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/VoterRegistration

Click on "Find My Clerk"

Simply fill in your address and the clerk of your Municipality will pop up.

If it is Dayton Township you are in the right place!

You can also fill out the form for an absentee ballot at this website.